We at MARRY COLLEGE of nursing home dedicated ourselves to caring and educating young mind’s towards nursing with intension of developing quality nursing, to meet the demand of actual shortage of technically trained and academically qualified nurses in India.In order to accomplish the target marry collage of nursing was founded. We at marry collage of nursing, provides a healthy atmosphere for wholesome development of women, who with healthy body and mind can contribute to the development of nation at large. Nurses comprise the largest group of people working in health care sector. The institution emphasizes on all around development of students to make them well cultured and civilized human beings of the society with in the frame work of our mission statements. We strive hard to provide all the facilities to the students to help them grow ideals nurse of tomorrow. We have a sacred mission, a noble aim and ideal perception. This has enabled us to achieve a lot in such a short spam, yet it is time beginning. Still there is much to furnish. We can’t afford rest till we achieve perfection and till marry collage of nursing become a guiding light to all young professional aspirants of tomorrow.I look forward to welcome you. Together we can make the difference in touching million lives.Wish you good luck for bright future in nursingMary College