Modern nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educative process in meeting the health needs of the individuals, the family and the community. Nursing is one of the health professions which functions and in conjunction with other health care agencies in assisting individuals andcommunities to achieve and maintain desirable standards of health.

Since nurses provided and will undoubtedly continue to provide a large part of health care, their training should equip them with professional expertise to meet the changing demands of society and their expanding role there in to achieve this emphasis must be laid to impart the knowledge and skills most relevant to the health care need of the community and the country as a while. This must also be accompanied by a corresponding change in professional attitudes.

This institute believes that the degree / diploma courses in nursing will prepare nurses for first level position in nursing in both at hospital and in community. Practice of nursing requires a good understanding of basic scientific principles and it is influenced by advance in science and technology.

Student are helped to develop a sense of pride in their profession to have a desire to continue learning to teach throughout their life. The faculty of this college of nursing accepts the responsibility of helping the students to adjust to a new situation and development of a student as a responsible citizen and competent practitioner.